Take it easy

The 4th generation of the Bolero emerges with high expectations and is ready to live up to its promise. From the first day on the training hill to regular cross country flights, the Bolero 4 will be your faithful partner and will bring the best out of you in any situation.
•  5 sizes: XS, S, M, L & XL
•  Kick Down speed system
•  Big ear system with split A risers
•  An easier take-off with lighter inflation
•  A flatter turn with a better sink rate
•  More precision in turns and a more ‘compact’ feeling in the wing
•  A ratio between performance and safety never before reached in this class

From the beginning to cross country flights

Gin’s principle design consideration was to give pilots discovering paragliding a glider which is easy to fly, comfortable and extremely safe, which would also appeal to regular pilots wishing to fly totally relaxed. Gin has dedicated his days and nights to developing this amazing new wing. He flew hundreds of hours with prototypes until he was finally satisfied that the wing was just as he imagined.

Easy, progressive and fun

The latest materials and technologies have been used for the construction of the Bolero 4. Gin and his R&D team have spent a lot of time making the inflation perfect and homogeneous in all different kinds of conditions. The wing is thus easy to ground handle and very forgiving on take off. These improved characteristics are the result of a new leading edge that is reinforced with flexible plastic battens. This enables a reduction in weight over conventional mylar inserts, while maintaining the same aerodynamic characteristics. A big effort was made on reducing the weight of the glider—to improve the inflation, the performance and the general behaviour of the wing. The fabric for the top surface uses a water-based coating for better durability and resistance to porosity. In flight, the Bolero 4 is docile and damps air mass movements to keep the pilot serene at all times. A thorough trimming of the wing provides great stability on all axes, while still maintaining precise handling. The wing will obey any brake input immediately but without excess. The sink rate has been improved to make it more efficient while thermalling and also to avoid beginners banking the glider excessively if they are too sudden on the brake. The brake travel is thus long and progressive. On landing, the Bolero 4 will only surprise you with its ease.

A new standard in its class

Gin Gliders is proud to release a wing with such good performance, especially in terms of handling. Among its competitors on the market, the Bolero 4 is the only high-level entry wing that is EN A and LTF A certified. This proves that the Bolero 4 is the right choice for students from their first steps in the air to their first long flights and much more.

Technical Specifications
 FLAT  AREA 24.2m2 25.8m2 28.0m2 30.2m2 32.7m2
 SPAN 10.89m 11.24m 11.71m 12.17m 12.65m
 A.R 4.9 4.9 4.9 4.9 4.9
 PROJECTED  AREA 22.14m2 23.59m2 25.60m2 27.68m2 29.852
 SPAN 9.17m 9.46m 9.86m 10.25m 10.65m
 A.R 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8
 CHORD  ROOT 2.80m 2.89m 3.02m 3.14m 3.26m
 TIP 0.59m 0.61m 0.64m 0.66m 0.69m
 TOTAL HEIGHT 6.60m 6.81m 7.10m 7.38m 7.66m
 CELL NUMBER 37 37 37 37 37
 GLIDER WEIGHT 4.6kg 4.9kg 5.4kg 5.9kg 6.4kg
 WEIGHT IN FLIGHT 55~75kg 70~90kg 80~105kg 95~120kg 115~140kg