GPS Tracking Tips



The GPS offers valuable information to paraglider pilots choosing to use them. Information such as GPS tracking, the next turn point, ground speed, glide angle, climb rate and altitude are all key to navigating a technical cross country flight.

When you are paragliding you should know how fast you are going. You should be aware of all relevant information. You should know your glide angle and climb rate.

When you are paragliding it is recommended that you set your GPS point to GOTO takeoff. It is advisable you report every 10km. You should make yourself familiar with your GPS before you paraglide. It is important that you understand:

  1. Enter your takeoff as a waypoint
  2. Modify display options
  3. Set your GPS to use GOTO to your takeoff
  4. Set your track sample rate
  5. How to fly in km/h

Want to protect your investment in gear, You can use a motion activated hidden camera or a dual dash cam to secure your paragliding equipments and your GPS.