Nova Introduces The New Team Wing Design for 2015/16

More Than Just Good Pilots

With each new generation of their bestselling EN B wing Mentor, Austrian paraglider manufacturer Nova introduces a new color combination exclusively for their team pilots. On one hand, it helps the team-pilots to recognize each other when meeting in the air and improves the team spirit. On the other hand, Nova expects their team pilots not only to fly well, but also represent the brand and paragliding in general. The new team design and color-coordinated speed arms makes it easier to recognize a team pilot.

Team captain Till Gottbrath explains: “We hope, of course, that our team pilots do great XC flights. But we consider it even more important that they share the fascination of paragliding with others. A Nova team pilot should be able and willing to inform others about our paragliders, about XC flying in general and about the area (if possible). This attitude is completely independent from the other pilot’s paraglider brand. We are open.”Druck

In 2015 it will be even easier to recognize a Nova team pilot. They not only have a new team design for the wing, but also wear color-matching speed arms. But it is neither compulsory for them to fly the team design nor to wear the speedarms.

For more pictures of the new Team-Design check: