Sol CXC Pro



The CXC Pro is the most sophisticated harness we ever developed. It was designed to attend the demand of competition and XC pilots for aerodynamic efficiency, safety and comfort.

Its ergonomic and geometric shape is based on the new paraglider projects where the harness is a fundamental element to maximise the potential of the whole equipment.

The CXC Pro has a unique variable geometry system, 2 rescues and achieved the best back protection result of all speed bag harnesses on the market.

The CXC Pro is EN/LTF certified in all requirements – structural, operational and back protection and offered in the sizes M – L – XL.

• Aerodynamic cone
• Speed system with 39mm ball-bearing pulley and guide
• Removable 8L front ballast container
• Removable instrument support container
• Ballast hose exit
• Length and inclination adjustment of the leg cover
• Quick Flat lock 28mm
• Passage of speed system line
• 12 cm foam back protector EN/LTF certified
• T-clip connection reminder
• 2 side pockets
• Closing of leg cover
• Waist adjustment
• Side adjustment with security stop
• Water compartment (hydration)
• Passage for hydration hose exit
• Anatomic shoulder and back cuts
• Elastic rig for speed system
• Impact and perforation protection plate
• Spacious storage compartment
• Shoulders connection strap
• ID compartment
• Independent bridles system for 2 rescues according to EN/LTF norm
• Neoprene safety cover on reserve bridle connection
• Compartments for 2 independent rescues
• Front radio holder
• Rear radio holder
• Compartment for Anti-G braking parachute