The SupAir Delight harness is hammock-like harness without seat plate but uncompromising in terms comfort and safety. The SupAir Delight will please most pilots in search of a light XC model offering all the amenities typically found on similar but heavier models.

 The SupAir Delight harness and its backpack have been proven on the field by five of the ten leading pilots during the rough X-ALPS 2011 race! Toma Coconea, Michael Gebert, Thomas de Dorlodot… Available in medium and large sizes for a featherlight 2.3 kg. weight! Your overall hooking weight will greatly be reduced for a new type of flying experience.

 Pilots armed with the SupAir Delight harness will not again have to compromise nor choose between performance, comfort, weight and safety during short distance hiking, long treks or cross-country flights.

SupAir Delight Harness Key Features

•    Removable 14 cm mousse-bag
•    Special light ripstop material with reinforced Dyneema
•    Shoulder straps adjustments, dual side trims for maximum dorsal support and comfort
•    SpeedBag incline and length adjustments
•    Safe-T strap with light quick release buckles
•    Hiking poles connections
•    Pre-equipped Hydro system
•    Three storage pockets – dorsal, beneath the seat, and a side one accessible in flight
•    Proprietary double stage speed-bar with adjustment system
•    Cocoon type Speed-Bag with wind protective layer
•    Inboard removable cockpit
•    SpeedBag carbon fiber foot-resting plate
•    Harken pulleys and special slider to optimized speed-bar function
•    Six flap dorsal reserve parachute container able to accommodate all rescue models
•    Sky-Diving type cable extraction handle.
•    EN1651 Certification
•    Arguments & docs
•    Reclined or upright posture
•    Passive safety – dorsal reserve parachute pocket + LTF certified “Mousse-Bag” protector
•    Shoulder reserve connection points for safe upright descent body posture in case of reserve deployment
•    Weighs only 2,3 kg for the size ( M ) with dorsal protection and integrated reserve pocket
•    Easily adjustable to the pilot’s body contour
•    Stylish and racy look
•    High comfort level
•    Product makeup

This harness comes with the following items:

•    2 Twist-lock Zicral SupAir Karabiner 30 mm
•    Specific Mousse-Bag protector 14 cm “Compact 14” (Certified LTF)
•    “F” type cable reserve parachute handle
•    Light removable cockpit from the SpeedBag
•    Double stage speed-bar with a foot centering system for an equal bilateral force distribution
•    Cocoon basic repair kit
•    Riser set