U-Turn Airwolf


The AIRWOLF, U-Turn has successfully implemented the appreciated best seller concept also in the DHV/LTF2 wing class: maximum performance and high level security standard. A completely new designed profile combined with the PPNplus system provides secure flying fun – features that are much valued by the U-Turn pilots.

Airwolf 3D Farben Colours re...The U-Turn AIRWOLF is a performance focused cross country wing, providing high resistance against folding despite the immense snatching of 6.0 and the extreme performance. From the very first moment the pilot feels: this wing holds excellent performance reserves and I can rely on it! The performance more or less results from the genes, because the AIRWOLF is a direct descendant of the top performer AIR FORCE II. The security feature is ensured by the PPNplus technology of U-Turn: Instead oft he nose Mylar, synthetic rods reinforce the profile nose not only along the sewings of the cell membranes, but also directly above the openings. Thus, the inner pressure is retained for a longer time also in extreme conditions; the profile and the air stream are maintained.

Even if not apparent at first sight, the real intrinsic values of the wing are the optimized cross ports. They are required to ensure the quick and smooth re-inflation of the canopy, but too many of them might also be a disadvantage during the flight. With other words: the less cross ports are required to ensure the optimum refilling of the canopy, and the smaller the required cross ports can be dimensioned, the more stable is the canopy during the flight. The final success story of the AIRWOLF is, that it has been possible to reduce the cross ports substantially thanks to the interaction of the profile and the PPNplus system.

The AIRWOLF considerably rises above the standard. The overall construction shows its magnitude for example during thermals in/outs: the usual pitching of the wing is definitely lower; the pilot is not brought into pendulum position. The result is that in thermal active conditions the gliding performance literally beats up by a mile the other gliders in this category. While other gliders are still oscillating around, the AIRWOLF gains some meters. Thanks to the new profile, the AIRWOLF is an excellent thermal riser. Specially in weak thermals he hardly can be caught up and can be inclined gently. Its layout provides lot of fun. In very thermal or very turbulent air, the AIRWOLF is gliding consistently.

Especially in rough conditions the AIRWOLF demonstrates its class. The stability of the glider is backed by the proven and tested Improved Stability Technology (IST) with V-rips and elaborate profile guidance. Thus the high performance is not achieved through a particularly distinctive feature of the glider, but is based on plenitude of design features and characteristics, which make the AIRWOLF a highly balanced glider – a real racehorse but with no hectic pace and with no air and graces.

The PPNplus system provides further benefits: As the material is not sensitive to bending, the profile nose might retain its form for a glider lifetime, if carefully handled. In many years’ time, the AIRWOLF will still have excellent take-off qualities. If ever a synthetic rod is bent or defective, it can be easily replaced. Without the former Mylar reinforcements, the weight of the canopy has been noticeably reduced, a fact which provides advantages for handling and feedback.

Fine-tuning was made amongst others by the test pilots Patrick Berod and Vincent Sprüngli. Therefore, U-Turn customers can feel confident to purchase an absolutely perfected and well-engineered wing. The AIRWOLF is made of high quality NCV cloth, Liros lines and is available in attractive colour combinations. The AIRWOLF is available in five sizes ranging from XS to XL (Certified for sizes S, M + L).