What A Kuhl Company


I have seen people wearing pants and shirts with the Kühl Clothing logo on them for several years.  They always stood out because of the great picture of Mt. Kühl in the logo.  It was always apparent that they create quality apparel for the outdoors, but it wasn’t until I was officially introduced to the brand by my friend Zach Carbo, that I had a chance to see the true innovation that is designed into the Kühl product line.

I met up with Zach in Moab a few weeks back to get out and do some adventuring and he was wearing pants from Kühl.  When I asked him about them, he had endless praise to share with me about their fit and construction.  He had an extra pair of the Renegade Jean pants with him that he was more than happy to pass along to me.  From the moment I put them on; I was sold.  He was dead on about the fit.  These things felt like they were custom tailored just for me.  Then I started noticing how well laid out pockets are.  There are pockets everywhere they should be and then more in some of the most creative spots.  The best part is that as I kept putting more things in my pockets the pants just ate them up without me even noticing the extra weight or bulk.  Talk about smart design.  The material they are made from immediately caught my attention; soft and smooth and yet noticeably strong.  When we got a little wet during our adventures they dried out super fast and just kept moving right along with me.And speaking of moving right along with me, I have to say that the gusseted crotch is brilliant along with the articulated knees.  These things are obviously made for comfort in motion.  The real kicker is the first thing my wife said to me when I got home and walked through the front door was “Nice pants.”  And that was after wearing them for days without washing.

I knew then and there that I had to make a visit to their corporate office in Salt Lake City.  I just had to dig into the KÜHL culture and meet the people behind the product.  When I first walked in the door my first impression was, “Wow this really is a different kind of company.”They had a wide open layout that was surrounded with countless windows filled with mountain views.  The next thing I noticed were bikes leaning up against the walls, before being drawn in by all the happy smiling faces.  I typically don’t see smiling faces in a normal corporate setting, but at Kühl it is apparently the norm.

I had so many questions and they were more than happy to fill me in.  Here’s what I learned:

Kühl started as Alfwear in 1983 and in 1989 the name was changed to Kühl. In over 30 years of being in business, Kühl has never sold or merged with another company.  They explained that when companies are merged or bought out, they tend to see the true innovation stop.  It’s like they lose the heart and soul of what makes them great in the first place.  At Kühl, they won’t have any of that.  They further explained that at other companies, designs have to be approved by several layers of management and approved designs usually have more to do with profitability over pure utility.  They have been able to keep true to the roots of their company and that allows them to continually create state of the art clothing that works for the adventurer in all of us.  While Kühl is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah; they are available in over 900 retail outlets across the USA.  I’m fortunate to have them right here near home, but you can have the Kühl experience too, no matter where you live.  I’m excited to try out some of their other styles and you will be too after you try on a pair.  Get out, be a #KUHLkids, and get into some Kühl clothing.  I think you will be just as big of a fan as I am.