This is a simple comparison of popular EN-B paragliders that are on the market. We pulled technical data directly from the manufactures websites and compiled them into the table seen below.  This should be used as a reference when comparing gliders but we encourage you to talk to your instructors or local shop before making purchasing decisions.

Glider ModelRatingSizeWeight range# CellsAspect RatioArea (M2)Span (M)Glider weight
Gradient Golden 4EN-BM95-115 kg515.328.9512.385.6 kg
Ozone Swift 4EN-BM85-105 kg575.5526.512.134.35 kg
Gin CarreraEN-BM85-105 kg596.221.812.65.6 kg
Advance IOTAEN-BM90-115 kg595.52812.455.15 kg
Nova Mentor 4EN-BM90-110 kg555.4328.3912.415.6 kg
Gin Sprint EvoEN-BM90-110 kg535.372712.045.8 kg
U-Turn Infinity 4EN-BM75-105 kg445.2128.4512.175.4 kg
Gin AtlasEN-BM85-110 kg475.2123.5111.915.9 kg
Gin Atlas X-AlpsEN-BM85-110 kg475.2123.5111.914.9 kg
Skywalk Tequila 4EN-BM85-110 kg455.228.312.135.6 kg
Skywalk Chili 3EN-BM90-114 kg515.5228.8712.635.6 kg
Sky Atis 4EN-BL87-112 kg535.226.611.765.1 kg
Nova Ion 3EN-BM90-110 kg495.0929.4412.256.1 kg
UP Summit CX3EN-BM90-115 kg566.326.112.85.6 kg
Niviuk Hook 3EN-BM95-115525.42712.85.2 kg