This is a simple comparison of popular EN-C paragliders that are on the market. We pulled technical data directly from the manufactures websites and compiled them into the table seen below.  This should be used as a reference when comparing gliders but we encourage you to talk to your instructors or local shop before making purchasing decisions.

Glider ModelRatingSizeArea (M2)Weight range# CellsAspect RatioSpan (M)Glider weight
Gradient Aspen 5EN-CM25.595-115646.2512.635.1 kg
Advance Sigma 9EN-CM25.175-100595.812.14.90 kg
Ozone Delta 2EN-CM25.785-10562612.55.3 kg
Sol SynergyEN-CM25.2885-100615.9512.266.1 kg
Sol Lotus OneEN-CM24.685-100656.412.556.2 kg
Niviuk Artik 4EN-CM24.575-95636.112.23
Nova Triton 2EN-CM26.2990-110716.412.985.4 kg
Gin CarreraEN-BM21.885-105596.212.65.6 kg
U-Turn AirwolfEN-CM2880-11056612.96
Swing NexusEN-CM26.485-108646.112.75.6 kg
Skywalk Cayenne 4EN-CM26.7690-110596.1312.86.1 kg
Skywalk Cayenne 5EN-CM26.0795-115696.4112.935.5 kg
Sky ArgosEN-CM-L2585-100595.511.73
UP Trango CX3EN-CM25.190-115686.913.2
Macpara ElanEN-CM26.0778 -100636.1812.07
Icro Mavric 3EN-CM2790-110646.212.95.7 kg
Air Design VoltEN-CM26.3990-105596.212.796.3 kg
Skyman CrossalpsEN-CM26.580-105676.413.24 kg
BGD CureEN-CM2375-95606.7512.464.6 kg