The proven FLYTEC 6005 is perfect for beginners, but also for suitable for ambitious pilots who just enjoy flying. While being equipped with the latest sensor- and processor technology, the FLYTEC 6005 also provides a large amount of important flight data for the performance-oriented pilot.

•  Altimeter 1 – MSL up to 37,000 ft (11,500 m)
•  Altimeter 2 – Absolute or relative (ft or m)
•  Altimeter 3- Reference altitude with one button zeroing at any time
•  QNH: Set altitude with barometric pressure
•  MSL altimeter user correctable (no need to to send in for calibration)


•  Analog display – patented twin pass scale up to ±2000 ft/min. (10 m/s)
•  Digital display – up to 19,200 ft/min (96 m/sec) in 10 ft/min. increments
•  Averager – users selectable between 1 – 30 seconds
•  Sink alarm – user slectable threshold (can be easily disabled)
•  Extensive audio control: ◦6 loudness settings
•  Adjustable vario threshold
•  Adjustable pitch
•  Adjustable dampening
•  Smart-Filter technology minimizes false lift indication
•  ASI- audio scale indication


•  Digital speed display when used with optional HG or PG sensor
•  Speed display in mph, kph or knots.
•  Stall alarm – User selectable threshold (requires optional sensor)
•  Airspeed correction: ±50%


•  Current ambient temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius w/ 1º resolution
•  Temperature correction ± 14.2º F


•  Real-time clock – Always-on time and date
•  Flight timer- keeps track of flight duration
•  Stopwatch- may be started, stopped and reset during flight

Flight Log

•  Automatically records 50 most recent flights
•  Records peak values of: altitude 1 and 2, analog lift and sink, digital lift and sink, flight duration and date of flight
•  Recorded flights and values may be displayed at any time
•  Flight memory data maintained if batteries are removed

Physical Properties

•  Extremely easy to read display
•  5 full-time digital displays, analog display and instrument status display (mode, battery, sink alarm, loudness)
•  Intuitive function button allocation
•  Compact, light, rugged, ergonomic and aerodynamic housing
•  Size: 5-3/8″ x 2-7/8″ x 13/16″ (138 x 74 x 23 mm)
•  Weight: 6.4 oz.(182 g) including batteries without clamp

Power Supply

•  Battery life over 250 hours on 2 AA (included). 10 years in standby mode.
•  Continual display of battery status


•  Batteries
•  Protective carry bag
•  Manual


•  2 years