The Artik 4 will help you discover extraordinary piloting sensations and stress free soaring with maximum comfort during extended flights.

The aim with the Artik 4 was respond to the most important requests of EN C pilots. When designing the Artik 4 Niviuk as focused on making the gliders handling easier, heightening the performance while keeping safety a top priority.

The first thing you will notice under the Artik 4 is the softer inflation followed by the capacity for the glider to take off easily in a wide range of conditions.

The profile on the Artik 4 has also been modified and includes the RAM Air Intake technology that keeps the glider steady in a wider range of situations. Additionally, the Artik 4 transmits clear information to the pilot to let him focus on the pleasure of flying.

artik_4_colorPiloting it is intuitive in all sense; allowing the pilot to make instant corrective decisions even in strong thermal conditions.

When the speedbar is pushed out you can expect an efficient implementation for a smooth, stable and yet strong acceleration throughout the whole travel range and hence producing an excellent sink rate as a result. The glider turns more precisely and effortlessly.  the Artik 4’s efficiency could be compared to an EN D glider but within the handling abilities as an EN C wing.

Nivuik managed a whopping 8,77% in weight reduction that demonstrates the effort and accomplishment made to reduce the glider inner bulk and profile resulting, more performance, enhanced safety and comfort.