ARGOS is a new EN/LTF C glider for pilots who like to combine true performance with the comfort and versatility of a light glider. ARGOS is aimed at pilots who fly regularly and want to discover new areas – who need a wing light enough to travel, well suited for difficult take-offs and with convincing performance for long XC-flights.

The EN/LTF C ARGOS defines a category of its own – lightness that is fun to fly, performance that is easy to handle and in-flight peace of mind to maximize the potential performance of each pilot. ARGOS is light for alpine hike & fly or worldwide travelling, yet durable for daily use. ARGOS closes the gap between high-end performance and confidence-inspiring comfort, enabling experienced pilots to enjoy their airtime without sacrificing performance, safety or fun.

The name ARGOS is derived from the legendary designer Argos who built the famous ship Argo used by the Greek heroes, the Argonauts, on their Quest for the Golden Fleece.

Similarly, ARGOS was conceived to provide pilots with a versatile and universal wing for all kinds of free flight. In fact, ARGOS carries the idea of the X-Alps several important steps further – it combines properties such as light weight, high performance and good speed with durability, ease of all aspects of operation, trust-inspiring passive safety and precise, fun handling.ARGOS colors

The main distinctive features

•  Very light and compact, only 4,35 kg in M-size;
•  Easy take-off even from demanding launches;
•  Wide speed-range with efficient accelerator;
•  Five sizes to cover a wide range of weights; precisely covering the exact needs of each pilot;
•  High thermalling efficiency; and impressive glide;
•  Precise control of the wing in all manoeuvres and conditions;
•  Well-balanced handling to provide fun and efficiency;
•  Durable and light materials – SKYTEX 32 with SKYTEX 27 on the secondary ribs only;
•  ADIPRENE leading edge reinforcements in place of nylon rods.

ARGOS is a completely new wing – the missing link in the range of EN C-gliders. Compared to ANTEA 2, ARGOS with its durable, yet light 32 g/m2 fabric is not only 10% lighter, but features a new profile. Fine-tuning of tension at the trailing edge makes mini-ribs once more obsolete. All this proves Alexandre Paux’s design-philosophy: technology should serve the wing and not be a way to market products.


Layout (m2) 23,34 24,15 25,00 25,87 26,78
Layout span 11,33 11,53 11,73 11,93 12,14
Layout aspect ratio 5,50 5,50 5,50 5,50 5,50
Projected surface (m2) 20,72 21,45 22,20 22,97 23,78
Projected span (m) 9,38 9,54 9,71 9,88 10,05
Projected aspect ratio 4,25 4,25 4,25 4,25 4,25
Number of cells 59 59 59 59 59
Weight of the glider (kg) 4.20 4.35 4.50 4.65 4.80
Take-off weight (kg) 65-80 75-90 85-100 95-110 105-120
Trim speed (km/h) 37-39 37-39 37-39 37-39 37-39
Min. speed (km/h) 23-24 23-24 23-24 24-25 24-25
Max. speed (km/h) 54-56 54-57 54-57 55-58 55-58
Max. gliding ratio > 9,5 > 9,5 > 9,5 > 9,5 > 9,5
Min. sink rate (m/s) < 1,1 < 1,1 < 1,1 < 1,1 < 1,1
Certification EN C EN C EN C EN C EN C