The CAYENNE4 is not just a pure 3-Liner, it only uses 2 main lines per side and line level. The new suspension system uses a 4-way bridge between the two main lines, reducing line drag by 20% compared to the previous model, the CAYENNE3. With the CAYENNE4, we have designed a glider

that will convince you with its exceptional glide performance, its precise, fatigue-free handling and a high degree of passive safety. Compared to the CAYENNE3, we improved performance in every regard. Enjoy the feel good factor! Video


The CAYENNE4 has been designed to devour the kilometers. This becomes immediately apparent by the high trim speed. The C4 has top stability even when accelerated and the pilot has the feeling that the wing becomes even more stable with increasing speed. (That still does not mean that this is a license for accelerated flying in any kind of turbulent conditions!)   Despite the high aspect ratio, the handling of the C4 is very direct and brake pressure is average.   The CAYENNE4 is the wing for xc pilots who fly on a regular basis and want to use the available performance for almost every flight.cayenne4


The CAYENNE4 is an outstanding XC wing. Thanks to the level of performance, Oliver Teubert and Christin Kirst were both able to win the German XC Championships with the CAYENNE4 in the very first season.   The high trim speed allows for high average speeds, and the additional speed potential is very high for a C-class wing. The polar is very flat over a wide area. This is important in order to get lift again after accelerated valley crossings.   For those who want to access the full potential of the CAYENNE4, and have the corresponding level of experience, we recommend an aerodynamic harness. Only then can the extraordinary gliding capacity of the CAYENNE4 be fully utilized.


The reactions of the CAYENNE4 in extreme flight conditions are manageable at trim speed. The reactions are noticeably faster and more impulsive when fully accelerated.   The CAYENNE4 pilot should always fly actively and have a good deal of experience.   No folding lines were used by the DHV during the certification process of the CAYENNE4! This means that the maneuvers performed during the certification process can also be flown by the pilots later during safety training.   The CAYENNE4 is suited for experienced XC Pilots who want to fly a high average speed. Less experienced pilots who cannot access the full potential of the CAYENNE4 are surely better served with the CHILI3.

59 59 59 59 59 Cells
21.80 24.48 26.73 28.30 29.48 Area flat (sqm)
11.55 12.24 12.80 13.16 13.44 Wingspan flat (m)
6.13 6.13 6.13 6.13 6.13 Aspect ratio
5.3 5.7 6.1 6.3 6.6 Glider weight (kg)
60-85 75-100 90-110 100-120 110-130 Take-off weight (kg)
EN: C EN: C EN: C EN: C EN: C Certification
yes yes yes yes yes Winch towing?