Skywalk Tequila 4


The Tequila 4 is a glider that meets all your demands – whether you just fly for fun or want to be the highest in your house thermal, make challenging XC flights, or if you’re just beginning your training. With the new TEQUILA4, skywalk brings modern CHILI3 technology to the leisure class! The TEQUILA series was always known for its passive safety combined with lots of performance potential and absolutely uncomplicated handling. That’s why skywalk didn’t push the design of the TEQUILA4 to the limit.

The latest technologies such as mini ribs, 3D shaping, rigid foils and a reduced total line length turn this pure bred 3-liner into a high performance wing for its class – even as pilot demand remains manageable. This all-round glider will thrill you with its very direct but light handling and super glide performance and a top speed that is high for its class. Thanks to its low weight and the use of rigid foils, launching the TEQUILA4 is child’s play. And it’s fun to fly! Whether you’re a talented novice or an XC pilot: the EN-B certified TEQUILA was and is an excellent choice for many pilots.


The TEQUILA4 is a real pleasure wing. It launches super easily, has great handling, and its climb performance is outstanding. With its superb glide performance and relatively high maximum speed, you can enjoy long XC flights while feeling safe because the T4 has plenty of safety reserve. The T4 is quite forgiving, making it the right choice for talented beginners. We even classify the glider as suitable for training because its extreme flight behavior doesn’t even come close to exhausting the limits of the EN/LTF-B category.


For a glider with this safety potential, the TEQUILA4’s performance is really phenomenal. Like its big brother, the CHILI3, it climbs extraordinarily well and its fantastic glider performance will blow your mind. If you have XC ambitions, it makes a lot of sense to use an aerodynamic harness with the T4 to take full advantage of its potential. Thanks to its agile but forgiving handling, it’s easy to latch onto thermals and stay and top.


The TEQUILA4 is an EN-B glider, but we declare it to be suitable for training because of its gentle reaction to disturbances. Brake line travel up to the stall point is long thanks to JET FLAPS. Control pressure is comfortably light in the upper range and increases markedly as you pull. Like our other gliders, the TEQUILA4 passed DHV certification without the use of folding lines. If safety is your main concern, the T4 is your ideal companion. It’s also ideally suited to pilots who are a little rusty or only have the chance to fly now and then.






size XS S M L
cell number 45 45 45 45
area flat in m² 22,17 25,54 28,30 30,32
wingspan flat in m 10,74 11,52 12,13 12,56
aspect ratio flat 5,20 5,20 5,20 5,20
area projected in m 18,85 21,72 24,06 25,78
wingspan projected in m 8,50 9,12 9,61 9,94
aspect ratio projected 3,84 3,84 3,84 3,84
max. profile length in cm 249 267 281 291
min. profile length in cm 61 65 68 71
middle linelength in cm (w/o riser) 629 675 710 735
maximum line length in m 214 230 242 250
weight in kg 4,7 5,3 5,6 5,9
weight range in kg from – to 55-75 70-95 85-110 100-130
winchtowing yes yes yes yes
jet flap technology yes yes yes yes
paramotor homologation no no no no